Lyngbya aestuarii CCY9616


Description: Lyngbya is a diazotrophic sheathed filamentous cyanobacteria. It doesn't have heterocystous cells. 

Isolated from: Mellum, Germany.

Type of sample: sediment.

Incubation T°: 14°C.

Light cycle: 16 light/ 8 dark

Medium: BA-

Strain description
ssu rRNA sequence



Ferreira D., Stal L. J., Moradas-Ferreira P., Mendes M. V., Tamagnini P., 2009. The relation between N2 and H2 metabolism in the marine filamentous nonheterocystous cyanobacterium Lyngbya aestuarii CCY9616. Journal of Phycology. 45: 898-905.

Kothari A., Parmeswaran P., Garcia-Pichel F., 2014. Powerful fermentative hydrogen evolution of photosynthate in the cyanobacterium Lyngbya aestuarii BL J mediated by a bidirectional hydrogenase. Frontiers in Mycrobiology. 5:680. doi:10.3389/fmicb.2014.00680

Donia M. S., Ravel J., Schmidt E. W., 2008. A global assembly line for cyanobactins. Nature Chemical Biology. 4: 341-343.

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