Leptolyngbya sp. CCY0019


Description: Leptolyngbya is a filamentous cyanobacteria. It can be found as single filament or coiled into clusters.

Isolated from: Eagle Gorge, Australia

Type of sample: sediment.

Incubation T°: 14°C.

Light cycle: 16 light/ 8 dark

Medium: ASN3

Strain description
ssu rRNA sequence

Bauersachs T., Compaore J., Hopmans E. C., Stal L. J., Schouten S., Damste J. S. S., 2009. Distribution of heterocyst glycolipids in cyanobacteria. Phytochemistry. 70: 2034-2039.

Bauersachs T., Schouten S., Compaore J., Wollenzien U., Stal L. J., Damste J. S. S., 2009. Nitrogen isotopic fractionation associated with growth on dinitrogen gas and nitrate by cyanobacteria. Limnology Oceanography. 54: 1403-1411.

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